Air Conditioning Installation

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St. Pete Air Conditioning & Heating understands that comfort means different things to different people. Whether it’s consistent temperatures throughout your home, indoor air quality, quieter operation, or comfortable humidity levels inside, we provide you and your family with the ultimate comfort you seek.
Time for an Upgrade?

Your existing AC unit may have trouble keeping your home adequately cool, or require repairs on a recurring basis. In the event that your current AC is presenting obvious problems, the expert technicians at St. Pete Air Conditioning & Heating can help you determine whether your existing unit is in need of replacement by going over the following:

  • The Need for Frequent Repairs – Is your AC unit always malfunctioning? This can be an indicator that a replacement is necessary.
  • Inconsistent Temperature – Hot or cold spots in your home can signal that a breakdown is imminent. In extreme cases, a new air conditioner may be needed.
  • Outdated or Old Units – If your current AC system is older than ten years, it may be time to consider installing a new air conditioning unit.
  • Monthly Bills Change Drastically – If you find unexplained changes in your monthly utility bill, it could point to the need for an AC Installation.

Replace Your Existing AC Unit Without the Hassle!

At St. Pete Air Conditioning & Heating, our Nate Certified techs will offer our professional opinions on an array of issues involving new Air Conditioning Installation. The first step in having a new air conditioner installed is to select one that matches the unique needs of your home. We will work closely with you to select a refrigerated air system that matches the requirements of your home in terms of space, capacity, and energy efficiency. The size of an air conditioning unit matters greatly, because one too big or too small for the size of your house will waste energy and cool inefficiently.

  • St. Pete Air Conditioning & Heating will first evaluate your home to see what the perfect system will be. We take a lot of things into account, including wall type, ceiling height, windows, appliances, insulation and square footage. Companies used to only worry about square footage, but we now know that there are many more factors that affect which air conditioning system is right for you.
  • We’ll arrive at your home on the day and time that you’ve scheduled. We’ll do the installation at your convenience, and we’ll make sure there’s plenty of time to complete the job and do it right. Our technicians will be on time and completely efficient answering questions that you have up to the moment we begin the installation process.
  • We’ll begin by removing the system safely. The removal process is pretty simple, especially if you are getting a similar replacement. We will discard the system after we remove it so you have nothing to worry about.
  • At this point, St. Pete Air Conditioning & Heating will do a complete inspection of your air conditioning system. We’ll look at the duct work and make sure that everything is in perfect working order before we add in new components. It doesn’t make sense to install new components in conjunction with old parts that won’t be completely efficient.
  • Then, we’ll install the outdoor unit components. We’ll choose a great spot for the unit (if it’s a new installation) or make sure that the original location is still suitable. This is the step where you actually see a big part of the work being done. Everything on the outside will be tested to make sure it works like it’s supposed to. The professionals at St. Pete Air Conditioning & Heating have diagnostic tools that will test if everything is working properly as soon as everything is hooked up. If there is a problem, we can fix it on the spot so your installation goes off without a hitch.
  • The next step is to install the thermostat inside. With amazing new technology, thermostats have all kinds of new features. Wireless with apps, advanced programming, remote controls, sleek modern designs, energy saving stats and tips, some even learn your habits and comfort zones! 
  • Finally, the expert technicians at St. Pete Air Conditioning & Heating will do a final inspection and set you up on a suggested maintenance schedule. Your specific maintenance recommendations will have to do with the type of system you have and the size of your unit, among other things.

Air conditioning installation can be completed in a single day in most instances, though additional work may be required if you need an upgrade to your ductwork to support your new system. Call St. Pete Air Conditioning & Heating today for a FREE ESTIMATE for new installs at 727.521.2001, or click here to fill out a quick email form so we are already familiar with what your air conditioning needs are when we get back to you!